Traditional Canarian Food You Must Try

As you might expect, traditional food in the Canary Islands is an exciting mix of influences. From the traditional native inhabitants of the islands to the exciting flavours of Spain, Latin America and Africa, Canarian food is characterised by its simplicity, freshness and richness of its ingredients. If you’re planning a trip to Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote or any of the other delightful Canary Islands, then here are some of the best dishes to look out for.

Rancho Canario

If you love soup, you will love Rancho Canario. There are lots of slight variations depending upon where you are in the Canary Islands but most contain a combination of pork, chicken, noodles, potatoes, carrots, cabbage and chickpeas. Thick and flavoursome, it’s an absolute delight of a dish and one you should certainly try on your next visit to the Canaries.


You’ll find wherever you dine in the Canary islands, many dishes will be accompanied by a flavoursome sauce. Sometimes this is red, green or even orange and is dependent on the exact spices used. All of them have olive oil, garlic, salt and vinegar in common and whatever the colour, this piquant sauce is a delicious accompaniment to your meal.

Pan fried fish dishes

Canarian food is delightfully simple, and there’s nothing more simple than pan fried fish. Caught just an hour or two before, you won’t taste fresher fish anywhere in the world. There really is nothing better than tucking into such fresh fish and you’ll have a fantastic range to choose from, from vieja and sea bass to swordfish and tuna.

Queso de Cabra

This a traditional Canarian cheese and is made from goat’s milk. In terms of flavour it is subtle, smooth but smoky and can be served with a range of dishes and is often served with salads where it often drizzled with honey or served wrapped in serrano ham.


Gofio is grounded toasted cereals and has many uses in Canarian cuisine. It is often added to warm milk as a drink across the Canary Islands but is also used as a replacement for bread in a lot of places. The Gofio is mixed with water, rolled into balls and is then served with dishes instead of bread. There is nothing really like it in traditional British cuisine but has to be tasted if you go to the Canary Islands. You’ll love it!

Adobo de Cerdo

If you see Adobo de Cerdo on the menu of the restaurant you’re visiting in the Canary Islands, you’re in for a real treat. This is pork in a piquant sauce that is made with garlic and vinegar with a touch of chili pepper and other spices. A real delight for the meat lover, it’s one of the most flavoursome dishes you’ll ever taste.


We said that one of the features of Canarian food is its simplicity and what could be more simple than fruit? With year round sunshine, fruit is in abundance on the Canary Islands and there is nothing better than feasting on bananas lemons, mangoes, figs, paraguayos and apples. Whether they are served as they are or combined in a fruit salad, the fruit found on the Canary Islands is as delicious as you’ll find anywhere in the world.

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