La Palma

Black sand beaches, untouched ancient forests and a Starlight award quite possibly makes La Palma the most beautiful unspoilt Canary Islands out of them all.

La Palma is the third smallest Canary Island with a land area of 708 km2 and a population of just 86,324 as of 2010. La Palma is arguably the most beautiful island out of all the islands, with plenty of unspoilt areas, largely thanks to the low tourist numbers since resorts and activities haven’t needed to be built.

As with any Spanish Island, and mainland Spain there is plenty of traditional Spanish restaurants and bars that are serving delicious local cuisine all year round as well as a whole host of other cuisines from around the world for you to try. Since La Palma is an island, you of course have plenty of fresh fish to keep your appetite satisfied.

Most of the other Canary Islands are known for their bananas, La Palma however is well known for their handmade cigars. There are several cigar makers on the island, and there are plenty of chances for you to see them being made either at the local markets, the airport or at the factories.

If cigars are not your thing than don’t worry there is plenty more to see and do on the island. Including various water sports, beautiful walks, nature reserves and of course there are many opportunities for you to dive in the beautiful unspoilt waters around the island. The salt pans of Fuencaliente is also well worth a visit if you have time, they manage to produce over 500,000 kilos of sea salt each year via the evaporation of seawater, it really is a great sight to see.

Of course, being a volcanic island like all of the Canary Islands there are volcanoes to see, walk up and even go inside. The last volcano to erupt was the Teneguia which occurred in 1971, you can still feel the warmth on the ground generated by the volcano today and occasionally you will smell the sulphur in the air.

As with all the Canary Islands there are plenty of small fishing towns dotted around the coast, and since the island is fairly small getting to each one is no trouble. The most notable of which is Puerto Naos which can be found on the east side of the island and is home to the most beautiful (and popular) black sand beach on the island and is surrounded by restaurants and bars selling fresh fish, there is also a hotel conveniently placed right by the sand. If you’re the type of person that likes to spend their holidays relaxing on the beach this is the resort for you.

To sum up, if you’re looking for the most relaxing holiday possible than La Palma should be on your list. With beautiful beaches, ancient forests, plenty of things to do and less tourists than the larger islands you’ll be hard pressed to find anywhere more relaxing.

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