La Gomera

If you’re into hiking and exploring nature than La Gomera is the Canary Island for you. With over 403 miles of hiking trails and a World Biosphere Reserve status due to its unspoilt wildlife and seas there’s plenty to see when you’re out on a hike.

La Gomera is the second smallest Canary Island after El Hierro, it’s also the second smallest in terms of population with only 22,000 inhabitants. There are 6 main cities in La Gomera Agulo, Alajero, Hermigua, San Sebastian, Valle Gran Rey and Vallehermoso. San Sebastian is the capital of the island, however Valle Gran Rey is the main tourist city where most of the hotels can be found.

La Gomera is most famous for it’s ancient forests which is why it’s such a good island to visit for a hike through the mountains. However as with all of the Canary Islands there is plenty to do other than hiking, such as whale watching, diving, sailing and of course there are plenty of boat trips to keep you occupied throughout the day.

There isn’t a direct flight to La Gomera, instead you will have to get a flight to one of the Bigger islands (usually Tenerife) and take a ferry or a small plane to the island. Compared to the larger and more popular islands you will find La Gomera to be somewhat more peaceful, quiet and quite simply more relaxing – which depending on what you are going on holiday for could be great thing and well worth the extra effort it takes to get there.

If you look for authentic food when going abroad than you’ll be in your element here – they have plenty of traditional Spanish and Canary restaurants this is mainly due to the lower volume of tourists that visit the island which in turn has meant it hasn’t been built for tourists.


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