El Hierro

If you’re looking for a quiet week away, where you can relax in peace and sunbathe without noisy tourists than El Hierro might just be the Canary Island for you.

El Hierro is the smallest Canary Island (268 km2) and the least populated with only 10,162 inhabitants, this number will undoubtedly have risen since the most recent population figures we could find are from 2003.

Because of the size of the island, it is mostly unspoilt by tourists which is great if you’re looking for a quiet break from your hectic life. Getting there can be a bit of a chore since there are no direct flights from the UK, you’ll have to get a flight to one of the bigger islands (usually Tenerife) and then get a flight or boat to El Hierro from there.

EL Hierro is the first island in the world to become self sufficient using wind and solar energy to generate all of the energy the island needs. It is also the first island to offer free Wi-Fi everywhere, no matter where you are on the island you can stay connected to your loved ones – it also means you can avoid the high roaming costs since you can turn mobile data off and connect via Wi-Fi.

Although the island is small, there is still plenty to see and do. It’s a great location for diving with over 46 diving sights, it’s great for nature too with over 60% of the island under protection and a UNESCO World Biosphere Status. If you’re into animals than El Hierro won’t disappoint with over 2,900 wild species and of course the famous ‘Giant Lizard of El Hierro’.

There are only three main towns in El Hierro, Valverde, El Pinar and La Frontera with Valverde being the capital of the island and the most populous housing around half of all the islands inhabitants. Strangely, Valverde is the only city out of all the Canary Islands to not overlook the sea. To find out more on the main towns visit our ‘El Hierro Towns’ page.

El Hierro is a great holiday destination if you’re looking for a quiet, relaxing holiday or if you enjoy diving. However if you are looking for a more active holiday we would suggest looking at one of the larger islands, because other than the usual water sports such as paragliding and jet skis there isn’t much else to do if you’re an adrenaline junky.


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